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10+ Witty Cat Happy Birthday Meme

It’s your friend’s or dear one birthday today? What has the clever cat to say on their birthday?

These are the humorous cat memes that are more than wishing them just a happy birthday.  Have a look:-

Grumpy Cat Birthday Memes


Meme Cat Wish Happy Birthday!!


It’s Your Birthday, so..


Another Year Closer To Being Crazy Cat Lady!!


Your Birthday? I Have Had Nine Lives Only…


Cat With Bread On Her Face…Happy Birthday


Source: Makeameme.org

Gay Happy Birthday Meme

Happy Birthday Cat Meme

Cat Singing Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Meme Brother 

Happy Birthday Meme for Sister

Happy BelateBirthdayay Memes


Happy Birthday And One Thing I Pooped In Your Shoes On Your Special Day!!


 Your Birthday!! Trying To Control My Excitement Somehow…


Favorite Daughter Wish Happy Birthday To Mom!!


Source: Memegenerator.com

Happy Birthday Mom


I Ate The Bird That Told Me About Your Birthday!!

little-bird-ate by-cat-birthday-meme

Happy 4oth Birthday By Grumpy Cat


Source: Memegenerator.com

Happy Birthday Dad Meme


How do you find these cat birthday memes? Let us know in the comment box. Have a nice day ahead!!




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