A Manifold of Amazing Ideas for the 1st Birthday of Your Child

Last Updated on August 3, 2018

If you have a baby (whether it is a girl or a boy, it doesn’t matter), then you are a blissful person indeed.

As per the cognition of prudent, shrewd yet pensive people, a baby has the cognition with the blessing of Almighty. Babies are the symbols of God’s grace. A child always resembles the face of the maker of all. A baby is the asset of the world – as a matter of fact. A baby carries an ocean of possibilities actually.

Hence, if you have a kid – just treat him or her as a seed. Yield him or her sufficient love and proper care. Yet you need to flaunt up your love and adoration to your kid. – You have to felicitate him or her and celebrate his or her birthday with flamboyancy – especially the first birthday of the tiny one.

Here are some 1st birthday party ideas to help you out in this particular of niches.

Birthday Party Theme for a Baby Girl

Find out adorable ways to celebrate the first birthday of your baby girl.

Butterfly Birthday Theme

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A butterfly is an insect but very colourful and beautiful. You can invoke the beautiful hues of the butterflies to embellish the party of your daughter’s first birthday. To arrange this party, you need these things actually – Honeycomb balls, balloon pump, balloons, butterfly gift bags, polkas, welcome banner, posters, backdrops and obviously colourful butterflies.

Fairy Princess Theme

You can arrange a fairy princess’ theme party for your little fairy princess also. Just yield attention to the backdrops, posters, invitation cards and thank you cards, welcome banner, fairy themed bottles, fairy food labels, cupcake toppers, gift bags etc.Create a personalised  Princess Themed Cake

Rainbow theme

Put rainbow colours on the board, cards, hats, bands, balloons etc. Put a wish tree with animation too.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Theme

You can opt the twinkle twinkle little star theme for your little star obviously – to make her twinkled.

Mickey & Minnie Theme

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 Show Mickey and Minnie everywhere – on the cups, plates, hats, photo frames etc also.

Here’s the best virtual 1st birthday cake for girls. All you have to to is write their name on the cake.


Birthday Party Theme for a Baby Boy

Here we have compiled some cool 1st birthday party ideas for tiny boys.

Car theme

Image Source: Pinterest

 Boys just love to roam. Hence, a car birthday party theme is perfect for your son actually. Just decorate your locus with a manifold of cars of different hues. Opt signals as well.

Ball theme

Don’t forget to opt ball hats, wristbands, cupcake stands, plates etc also.


Little Prince Theme

Image Source: Ondetemfesta

You can buckle up your very own little prince with the attire of a prince also – if you want.

Little Krishna Theme

This theme is also very cute yet sweet.

Circus Theme

Circus birthday theme makes everybody happy – the birthday boy included.

Birthday party themes for twins – For the twins, you can opt Baby animal zoo, Tom n Jerry, Smiley, Jungle, Jungle safari etc.

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