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Last Updated on February 14, 2024

A study proves, on average everyone on earth owns at least 86 LEGO pieces in their collection.

This tells us how much people adore LEGO blocks around the globe.

LEGO is not a toy but a memorable sport for kids & for anyone irrespective of their age. It enables your kid to develop problem-solving skills, spatial understanding, and more.

If you’re planning a birthday fete, then Legoland is the way to go!

Legoland outlets let you enjoy birthday parties with plenty of fun activities & gifts.

Today, I’ll help you plan a dope birthday party for your champs in 2024.

All you Need to Know About Legoland

Legoland has two kinds of outlets available to have fun. One is a discovery center and the other is a theme park.

You can visit the Legoland discovery center with 4 kinds of ways to get there on any day.

  • Annual
  • Military
  • Standard tickets
  • Birthday Offers

Check them out here!


How to plan a birthday at Legoland?

The booking process for Legoland is painless, and I’ve made it much easier for you. I’ve listed the details below to book a reservation for your kid’s birthday at Legoland.



Choose A Legoland Party Package

Now, you need to choose a package as per your requirements & budget. I’ve mentioned the details below.

Package Name             PriceFun & Benefits Offered
Awesomest PartyThis pack is available for $1650.You get a total of 50 people allowed for your party.   1 hour play time in the private birthday rooms of Legoland.   You will enjoy the company of Bertie, a mascot & LEGO toons.   And food will include pizza, cupcakes, beverages, and party supplies for guests.     As a birthday present your kid will get a Lego build kit & rest of the invited children will receive an activity pack for home.    
Awesomer PartyAwesomer pack is for $800 only.In this pack, you get to invite 25 people for 1 hour in the private room of the Legoland discovery center.   Food & Gift Items are the same as the awesome pack.   You can upgrade to the Awesomest pack prior to 2 weeks before your celebration at Legoland.  
Awesome PartyYou get this party package for $650.This pack will allow you a count of 25 guests for 1 hour in the private party rooms.   And rest list items are the same as the other two party packages.   You can upgrade it to the Awesomer package 2 weeks before the party,


How to book a Birthday Reservation at Legoland

  • To book your party, choose the package as mentioned above.
  • Find more about the package here.
  • Remember, Legoland accepts booking at least 2 weeks before the party.
  • Payment is made at the time of booking.
  • If you can’t see the party date while booking the party, then it means the slot isn’t available or sold out already.
  • They have a mail id for any questions :

This is how you can book your Legoland birthday party.


Things you get for Birthday Bash in Legoland Theme Park

You get a long list of things at Legoland outlets on your birthday.

One of which includes, Lego Birthday Badge at Legoland Theme Park. It is a complementary gift when you visit the park.

Next, they have various dinner packages for kids. You can make the best of it on your kid’s birthday this year. You can take up to 2 adults & 3 children with you. Your little king or queen will get a crown, birthday card & badges, a customized cake, and many more gifts.

Legoland lets you enjoy Legoland Theme Water Parks in the available seasons. Check the availability so you can plan one for yourself.

And in some states like Florida, Legoland offers LEGOLAND Hotel or Beach Retreat. These fun On-Site locations offer a LEGO Bungalow & LEGO-themed playing rooms.


How to find a US Legoland discovery center & Theme Park?

You can find Legoland discovery centers & theme parks in almost 10+ states of America.

I know it can be a hassle to find Legoland outlets on your own.

So, I’ve curated a list of direct links to state-wise Legoland Discovery centers and Theme Parks below.

Click on the link to find the nearest Legoland location for your celebration.

Legoland Discovery Centers List in US






Dallas / Ft. Worth

Kansas City


New Jersey


San Antonio

San Francisco



Branches of Legoland Theme Parks in US

LEGOLAND Florida Theme Park and Resort

LEGOLAND California Theme Park and Resort

LEGOLAND New York Theme Park and Resort


Legoland Birthday Freebies & Gifts 

Legoland gives away free birthday presents to everyone. You can get them on their official site.

The items on the list are:

  1. Online Birthday Invites are Downloadable
  2. Print-at-home Invites
  3. Downloadable Thank You cards

if you want them, get them from the link given here.


Legoland is not a Place, It’s an Emotion

Amusement & theme parks are a lovely surprise for your little kids. You can make it extra special by inviting their best buddies to try it too.

Legoland is a wonderland for your children.

And today I hope you find all the things covered to plan a trip to Legoland on birthdays.

If you’d like to know anything more about Legoland, write it in the comments and I’ll help you find the answer.

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