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Top Hilarious & Unique Birthday Memes to Wish Friends & Relatives

Last Updated on May 6, 2020

Memes are in vogue nowadays.. Birthday wishes aren’t completed without funny memes. Here, we bring you the coolest way to greet birthday to your loved ones.

The friendship is full of banters and jokes, so why not try memes on our friends’ birthday.  Celebrate Birthday during this Coronavirus Shutdown

Here, we are going to present you some funny birthday memes. You can save these memes using right click and then by clicking to save images as. If you are looking to create your own meme visit Upload and make custom happy birthday meme. Have a look at the comical and witty birthday meme & pictures

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Check out the best happy birthday wishes to convey your feeling in a witty way to your dear ones.

Funny Happy Birthday Memes

1)What Could Be The Top Secret Of Your Friends?? Their Age.

Nation's Best Secret Happy Birthday Meme
Secret age birthday meme

If you’re old & wise today..you must have been young & stupid once

Funny Birthday Meme for Friend
If you’re old & wise today..you must have been young & stupid once

Happy Birthday, Okay?? ..GOSH

Funny birthday wish
Happy Birthday, Okay ..GOSH

**Wishing your Birthday in Chinese “YUNG NO MO”**

Funny Birthday Meme In Chinese

**We’ll put in a happy little birthday over here**

We’ll put in a happy little birthday over here Meme

2)Yeah Man! It’s My Birthday But We Going Out This Weekend Meme

Happy Birthday Weekend Meme
Witty Birthday Weekend Meme

Image Source: Memeshappen

3)Made Your Birthday Cake & Then Called Fire Department to Blow It Out!!

Birthday Cake Meme
I Made Your Birthday Cake and Then Called Fire Department to Blow It Out

 Meme Created With the help of meme generator

4) Gay Ass Meme For Your Birthday!!

Gay Birthday Meme For Friends
I don’t always make a gay ass meme for a birthday. But, Especially, I did for you!

5)It’s Your Birthday…Eat More Cake Cause It’s nature way to tell

Birthday is nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake

6)Gingery Happy Birthday From Wife Meme

Husband Birthday Meme
I hope your birthday is extra gingery

7)Happy Birthday… You’re Gay ( Gay Birthday Meme)

Happy Birthday.You’re Gay

8) Special Words For Your Birthday: Keep Smiling as long as you have those teeth

Happy Birthday Smile Meme
Keep Smiling Until You have Those Teeth Meme

Made with meme generator

9) Eat More Cake. It’s Your Birthday!( Grumpy Cat Birthday Meme)

Eat More Cake Happy Birthday Meme
Noon is going to stop you.Eat More Cake. It’s Your Birthday

Made with meme generator

10)Thanks Mom For Mouthwatering KFC Cake

Birthday Cake Funny Meme
Best Birthday Cake Meme

11) That’s How I Think About You Every Time When I Wish you Happy Birthday

I will always think of you as someone older than me

12) Big Hug For Your Birthday Mom

funny-birthday-meme-fro mom
A Big Hug Mom on Your Birthday

13) The Room is Getting Hotter…Please Blow the Candles on Your Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday Horse Hilarious Meme


14)Hey, You Are 21 Today …Now You Can Buy Me Alcohol

21 Birthday Hilarious Wishe
Happy 21st Birthday Meme

Image Courtesy:  Quick Meme 

15) Hey It’s Get difficult to get a Gift Each Year

Stop having so many birthdays! Seriously, Each year it gets more difficult to find you a gift

Meme Made With the help of make a meme

16)I Think…You’ll Love Your Own Gift

Want Your Own Gift On Your Birthday Meme
Old Birthday Gift Meme

17) My Birthday Is All About You Girl!!!

Happy Birthday Girl Meme
My Birthday Is All About You Girl Meme

18) I Won’t Tell About Your Age To Anyone

Happy Birthday, Dear!! I will never tell how old you really are!

19) Hey ..Where The Hell Is My Cake??

It’s My Birthday Today!! Where’s My Cake man!!

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  Happy Birthday Meme for Brother 

It’s My Birthday Meme

Happy Birthday Minions Meme & Images

20)Yeah….Let’s Party Dude!!!!

Let's Party Comical Birthday Meme
Birthday Party Meme

21)Hey….Aren’t You Paying The Bill???

Paying Party Bills Happy Birthday Meme
Are You Paying The Bill Meme

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