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Last Updated on June 8, 2022

You know we youngsters are obsessed with Instagram stories and reels these days.

I mostly tend to spend most of my spare time skimming through the stories.

Moreover, I see people are very creative when it comes to IG stories on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

Instagram has a bunch of Effects, Gifs, Draw, and other amazing features that you must try for creating a memorable birthday story for your loved ones.

While creating a pleasant birthday story, the caption will be the heart of your efforts on the creation. Captions make the whole IG story a lot more interesting and fun.

So today I jotted down my own created list of birthday story captions.

Also, I have mentioned some of the special concepts for birthday stories on Instagram for your lovers, friends, and family.

Easy Instagram Birthday Story Ideas

So, this birthday doesn’t get short of ideas for the Instagram story for your friends.

I have got you covered with the best ideas in the house. Get fascinating birthday story ideas here below.

Friends Birthday Instagram Story Ideas

Our friends and squads come right after our family when it comes to support, love, and endearment.

So, these essential pals deserve a great shoutout on the Instagram story for being here with you. You can discover lots of amazing features of the latest Instagram.

 Let me help you with some of those creative ideas.

Make Collage with Cute Photos

For the first Idea, you can pick a bunch of adorable pictures of the birthday boy/girl with yourself.

After that, find a suitable “happy birthday” sticker, it will complete the creation for you.

This is the simplest yet cutest way to wish a happy birthday through an Instagram story.


Use Effects and Gifs on Instagram Story

My favorite thing on IG is their appealing range of 100’s of picture effects.

Believe me, you can never regret using one for your Insta story.

Click best pictures with those effects and charm your pals by creating the best birthday Instagram story


Create Aesthetic Birthday Art on Instagram Story

Aesthetic pictures are the new favorite of our era, especially when it comes to Instagram posts and stories.

We never grow old with such adorable and addictive Insta stories.

This idea will take you to add one photo which you can fit as per convenience, add some dope filters and write good stuff. Abra-K-Debra you’re done! 


Check out some funny ways to wish birthday to your near & dear ones by putting these memes to instagram birthday story.

Happy Birthday Instagram Story for Sister

Present & Baby Pics on IG Story

The most iconic Instagram stories include a duet of a current photo with pictures when you were a toddler. Your sister will feel wondrous with this one story. I’m certain that you can also use this idea for other people as well.


Instagram Birthday Story with Birthday Songs

You must be familiar with the Insta music feature that can be used in the stories.

Did you say, Yes? BINGO! This is another amazing birthday story idea.

You can put a HAPPY BIRTHDAY jingle with a nice picture of your sister, this is all it takes to create a simple yet touching story on her birthday.


Amazing Instagram Happy Birthday Captions

Captions are the heart and soul of any Instagram birthday story.

You just can’t put pictures and forget about captions. So, write remarkable excellent lines to make it more alive and heartfelt.

Let me aid you with some of my gathered captions here.


10 Happy Birthday Instagram Captions Best Friend

This birthday, surprise your best friend with the best happy birthday captions.

I can relate to you getting all excited for your best friend’s birthday.

You just need to sum your caption with a couple of great pictures together with your best friend. Add GIFs, Filters, and other features.

Below are 10 of my favorite captions on my best friend birthday:

  1. A very Happy birthday to the one who made me realize the importance of self-love.
  2. Thanks for coming bae, your birthday is the best occasion on my calendar.
  3. Hey you! Yes, you. You’re the light that enlightens my darkness. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
  4. I’m glad you are my best friend, healthy and prosperous, my favorite of all the time.
  5. Happy birthday, bestie, people come and go. But you stay, that makes me feel privileged.
  6. You are my everything, please live longer and grow stronger.
  7. On this birthday. I wish you all the happiness in the world.
  8. Happy Birthday to the smartest and most generous girl in the entire universe.
  9. I can’t keep calm, it’s your birthday bitch!
  10. Wishing you a very happy birthday, stop growing so fast dumbo! I’m Sending more happiness and wishes on the way.

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10 Short Instagram Birthday Captions for Boyfriend

Are you not getting many ideas on the captions for Instagram birthday stories for your boyfriend’s birthday? Then, hun’ you’re at the right place.

Boyfriend Birthday Wishes
Happy birthday message & wishes for boyfriend

Here, I’ve shared my list of ‘10 best boyfriend birthday captions on Instagram’.

  1. Happy birthday my love, I am grateful for your presence.
  2. Wishing a very happy birthday to the one who made me smile in the worst of my times.
  3. Can you please stop growing already, I can’t handle your charm at any above level. Happy birthday my lifeline!
  4. I don’t want to be a cheesy baby, but you’re the craziest yet nicest thing that has ever happened to me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BUDDY!
  5. ‘Dear boyfriend, you know I hate accidents, except when we went from friends to this’. Happy birthday to you bae.
  6. Happy birthday my boiiiiiiii. I love you to the infinity and beyond.
  7. Happy birthday, my love, I promise if I get mad today I won’t take it out on you today. I’ll wait until tomorrow!
  8. I’m the luckiest girl because you’re mine. Happy birthday, baby.
  9. Heaven sent you to me, so I can be a spoiled brat forever! Happy birthday to your boyfriend.
  10. I am grateful for your presence, my prince. Live longer and grow fonder of me. Enjoy your special day.

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