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TOP #110+ Sweet Happy Birthday Wishes for Family & Friends

Last Updated on May 6, 2020

We all know that meaningful words are always a tremendous way to represent our thoughts than any other way when we are wishing birthday to our family and friends.  Ideas to Celebrate Birthday during this Coronavirus Shutdown

Here, we come up with warming words that are best suitable to wish a happy birthday to your kith and kin.

These birthday quotes and wishes are  for best friend, mom,dad,uncle,aunt,sister,brother, husband, wife,son,daughter,twins,grandma,grandpa,mother-in-law,daughter-in-law,godson,goddaughter,teacher, boss,pastor and more.

Didn’t wish your friends on time. Check out late happy birthday wishes.

All you have to do is to copy & paste these wishes for wishing your friends on their birthday. Have a look at some happy birthday wishes and quotes——>

Happy Birthday Images, Wishes, Quotes, Text & SMS

1) May God bless you and bring you peace and happiness on this special day as well as every day. Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Boss, Colleague
Happy Birthday Wishes For Friend, Colleague & Coworkers

2) This day is made just for you! Happy Birthday, dear!!

3) Happy birthday to you! We want you to know that this day is not only important for you but also for all of those who admire you, cause it is the best occasion to thank God for having you with us. May you get all the happiness in your life!

4) I wish that you would be always brave & courageous, so you can move forward and pursue your dreams and do whatever you want to do in your life. Wishing you a happy birthday!

5) I wish you to fly in the plane of success, land on the airport of victory every day. My wishes are with you all the time dear. Happy Birthday to you.

6) Hey dear, today is your birthday & I want you to know how much I love and  the admiration I have for you, I want to make an apology for not being able to be with you on your special day but from the core of my heart, I send you a warm hug & my best wishes for your birthday! Have a nice day!!

7) Best birthday wishes to the best friend of mine! You know I’ve been looking forward to your special day just to drown you in the ocean of gifts…haha.. Happy day dear!

Religious Christian Happy Birthday Wishes

8) I wish you long-lasting friendship, affection, and valuable memories of the moments we shared. Happy birthday, buddy!!

9) I offer you my best wishes for your happiness, healthy and gorgeous life ahead. Happy Birthday!

Top Happy Birthday Quotes Collection
Happy Birthday Wishes For Best Friend

Image Background Credit : Pinterest

10) May you live hundred years and each year has more than thousand days. Happy birthday to you!

happy-birthday-poem for-mom

Happy Birthday Dad

11) I was thinking of you & the good times we spent make me smile! Happy Birthday to you!!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Daughter
Happy Birthday My Daughter

12) Happy Birthday to you!! Have fun on your birthday for the reason that you’ll never be so young, but be watchful, because you’ve never been so old.

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Happy Birthday Wishes For Godson

Happy Birthday Wishes For Goddaughter

Happy Birthday Wishes For Dad

Happy Birthday Wishes For Uncle

Happy Birthday Wishes For Aunt

Happy Birthday Wishes For Wife

Happy Birthday Wishes For Husband

Happy Birthday Wishes For Daughter

Happy Birthday Mom Image Quote
Happy Birthday Wishes For Mom

Image Courtesy : Wallpaper HD

13) Each sunrise gives us another chance to accomplish our dreams and desires; I wish your desires to be transformed into a truth and hope you have a nice day and a beautiful birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Son

Happy Birthday Wishes For Twins

Happy Birthday Wishes For  Sister

Happy Birthday Wishes For Pastor

Happy Birthday Wishes For Boss

Happy Birthday Wishes For Teacher

14) Happy Birthday! I wish you strength to conquer problems, boldness to face fears and worries and good energy to be happy forever. My thoughts are with you today and always. Best wishes!


15) I wish this day to be more radiant to you. Best wishes for your birthday!!

16) Love, surprise, pleasure, and friendship, there are the whole positive things that you want today. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Daughter Quotes From A Mother
Happy Birthday Daughter Quote

17) May you overcome all the difficulties and challenges that come in your life!!Happy birthday to you!

18) Just forget the past and look forward to the future for the best things are yet to come in your life. Happy birthday dude!

Happy Birthday in Other Languages 

Happy Birthday in Russian

Happy Birthday in Polish

Happy Birthday in Italian

Happy Birthday in Vietnamese

Happy Birthday in French

Happy Birthday in Hebrew

Happy Birthday in Portuguese


Happy Birthday in Latvian

Happy Birthday in Irish

Happy Birthday in Chinese

Happy Birthday in Malayalam

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Happy Birthday in Dutch

Happy Birthday in Japanese

19) Today is an excellent day to do the wild things, so try to spend a great day. Happy Birthday, dear!

Happy Birthday Wife & Husband
Happy Birthday Wish For Lovers

20) It’s good to know that someone thinks of you, likes you, needs you all the time and it’s incredible to feel that the person could never fail to remember your birthday. Happy birthday, mate! May all your dreams come true!

21) I will never let you fall & will stand by you forever. Happy birthday my, sweetheart!! God bless you!!

22) I wish you an awesome day today, my friend…Just do this– Put your right hand on your left shoulder & the left hand on the right shoulder. Now squeeze as firm as you can. It’s my tight hug.

Birthday Wishes For Best Friend ,Girlfriend & Boyfriend
Best Friend Birthday Message

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23) This day is marked with a big cross on my calendar, is the birthday of the person I adore and care most. I cordially congratulate you on your special day!!

24) Don’t be upset that you have become one year older. If you look at the better side, you have become a one year beautiful, dazzling and wiser! Many happy returns for your birthday!

Daughter Happy Birthday Quotes By Dad
Happy Birthday Daughter Image

25) The day, when we were born, is absolutely celebrated especially when it comes to special people like you. Happy Birthday!

26) My most heartfelt wishes for your birthday, it can be as special as you are, my buddy! Best wishes for your day.

27) In this changing world, it is pleasant to know that one thing will never change; you’ll always be my princess!! Best wishes for your birthday, my daughter!!  Love you!!

Happy Birthday Son Wishes From A Mom
Happy Birthday My Son

Image Credit: Happy Birthday Cake Images

 I wish you to live this day as an extraordinary day and to feel all the emotions that hardly forget. Make a wish..And you’ll get what you want. Happy Birthday!!

Let the God beautify each and every shining ray of the sun reaching you with full of success, joy, and affluence. Happy Birthday!! Lots of hugs and kisses!!

Happy Birthday Inspirational Messages for Friend,Sister & Brother
Happy Birthday Motivational Wish

Image Credit: Happy Birthday Cake Images

Age does not count the wrinkles you have! It shows the wonderful experience that you have gone through. Happy Birthday, dude!!

Having you as a friend is the best gift that I have ever received in my life. May your life fill with happiness and jolly moments!! Happy Birthday, mate!!

Godson Birthday Wishes
Happy Birthday Godson Image Quotes

Best wishes on getting more experiences about life. I don’t know what you have learned this year, but every experience, good or bad has made us the people we are today! Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Dad Wishes From A Daughter
Birthday Wish For Dad

You have lived your life dynamically till now.  May your dynamic life goes on forever!! Have a blast on this day. Happy Birthday!!

Life has been very beautiful to me since I got you as a friend. This day matters you a lot so is to me. Happy Birthday my friend!!

Birthday Wishes For Sister
Happy Birthday My Sister

On this occasion, I wish you healthy and prosperous life ahead. Happy Birthday, buddy!!

On the pages of roses with the ink of moon light, I have written only two words ‘Happy Birthday ‘. Enjoy your day to the fullest.

Happy Birthday Message For Sister
Happy Birthday to My Sister Image

Many happy returns on your birthday! Wishing you success and pleasure ahead in your life! Hoping you to achieve more success in your endeavors!!

Happy birthday to the best friend on the earth!! You are the one who makes my life more beautiful. God bless you.

These wishes are for you to blissfully grow old without changing yourself. With all my heart, many happy returns of the day!!

Birthday Quotes For My Boss
Happy Birthday Boss Wishes

Stop thinking about the past; look forward to the future and better things yet to come in your life! Happy Birthday!!

Your friendship is so essential to me that I would like to share another thousand years with you… Happy Birthday dear!

Wishing My Uncle a Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Uncle Wishes

Background Image Source: Quotes Ideas

Here is A prayer to bless your life, A wish to brighten your moments, A cheer to make your day better, and A text to say Happy Birthday to you. Wishing you a gorgeous Birthday!!

Happy Birthday my friend!!! Many things are getting better year after year. You are one of them. Best wishes. I wish you to have a special day and bright future ahead.


Happy Birthday friend, Just Remember, what had happened in the past and what comes in the future , don’t matter when compared with what we’ve within us; so, always believe yourself whatever the circumstances are.

Birthday Greeting to Son From Mom & Dad
Happy Birthday Son Quotes


Thank you for being so sympathetic person that I can always talk with. I am wishing you a very joyful birthday with lot of happiness.

Happy Birthday beloved friend!! May God bless you and gift you many more years of life full of pleasure and love around you. Enjoy this special day with peace.

Birthday Wishes For Teacher & Professor
Happy Birthday Teacher

Today would be a meaningless day, but you were born and made this day important. Happy Birthday! Get ready to enjoy happiness!

I wish a happy birthday to you, and I know it is going to be fantastic. Have a blast!!

Mother-in-law Birthday Quotes
Happy Birthday Wish For Mother-in-law Image

Image background was originally published on Shutterstock

Let me hug my friend, before you realize that I have no gift for you. Congratulation friend for this awesome day!!!

I want to thank you for being as adorable as you are & wish you a very happy day on your birthday.


Many people are of your age, but I find none of them as great as you are dear. Happy birthday to you!!

If lovers are like the moon then brothers are like stars and I guarantee that the sky may look beautiful without the moon, but never without stars. Happy Day to the dearest brother in this world!

Grandma Happy Birthday Wishes
Happy Birthday My Grandmother Quotes

Our bond has emerged far from being just friends. On your special day, I wish you to get all things that you imagine. Happy birthday to my best buddy!!

Today is your birthday and it is the proof that superb things never go out of style.  Best birthday wishes

The time passes inevitably, but your spirit is still young and electrifying. Have a nice day!


 Life is often filled with amazing surprises … Where the grandest aspirations are realised, and this day is full of exquisite moments! Happy Birthday to you!

Beautiful and fresh flowers are like you. They bring joy as you have brought in my life. Happy Birthday!

Beautiful Happy Birthday Son Quotes
Son Birthday Image Wish

I desire you to celebrate all the magnificent things that make you feel special, not only on this particular day, but on each and every day of your life ahead!

There are not so many words available to describe your friendships. This day is special to me as well. Happy Birthday!

There are seven colors in the rainbow, but I find none of them is as amazing as you are my friend, happy birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Text, Images For Sister
Birthday Quote For Sister

A very special greeting to someone special and rare as pearls in the shells…… I’m fortunate to find the right one! Happy birthday, darling!

Your birthday will be awesome … fantastic… just like you … Happy Birthday dear. God bless.

Every year is a new occurrence that brings you closer to your aim. Each problem is there to make you stronger.  Happy Birthday!

A Witch told me that today would be a great fire at your home; in reality, she was seeing the candles on your cake. Hahahaha…. Happy Birthday dear!!! Enjoy the day!!

Happy Birthday dear! There is nothing that makes me more blissful than to be with you once again, on this auspicious day. I wish you love and happiness on your birthday.

Birthday Wishes For My Goddaughter
Happy Birthday Goddaughter Image

My dear friend, you’ve been my associate in both good and bad times and I hope to keep our friendship without an end. Have an amazing birthday!

The best friend is the one, who helps you in hard times, who can’t conceal anything, not even your tears, who will try to inspire you when you feel low and dejected & lend his shoulders when you need to mourn. I am very thankful to have the best friend in my life and you are the best friend of mine.  Thanks for everything…Happy Birthday to you dear!

I have many friends who say they are my friends but some, who really show this, are very little, and you’re one of them, dear. Happy Birthday to you!! Have a blast!!

I wish you the  fortune, happiness and richness not only on this special day but also tomorrow and others days to come. Happy birthday pal!

Happy Birthday Mom Quotes & Saying
Happy Birthday Mother

Happy Birthday buddy! May the Holy Spirit bless you with successful life ahead!!  Have a nice day ahead!!

In the shiny night of stars, May all your dreams come true…I wish every star of every night bring love and peace in your life..Happy Birthday to you..

I wish this lucky day to be as special as you are special to me my friend! Happy birthday!!

May the heartfelt wishes on your birthday be excellent at your every path in your life!! Wishing you a happy birthday and successful life ahead!!

Wishing you a miraculous birthday packed with lots of loves and hugs!

Funny Happy Birthday Quote

Your friendship is priceless & having you as a friend is one of the best things that ever happened in my life, happy birthday, you deserve it, dear!! Party hard!!

My Sister, we both know that there will never be an excuse to weaken the bond that we’ve always shared. I will be always there for you. I wish you happy life, cheerful moments in your life!!

I know that words cannot replace a warm hug, but these words make you feel extraordinary on your special day. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!!

Happy Birthday to you!! May enjoyment of this day remain constant in your life and future. Here are hugs and kisses for your birthday. God bless you.

Your friendship is the certification that God loves me. Happy Birthday!! God bless you. Happiness, joy, good luck!

Happy Birthday Daughter-in-law Wishes & Quotes
Daughter-in-law Birthday Wish Image

Wishing you the most blissful Birthday! May this and every day bring immense pleasure in your life! Have a nice day!!

This is the day you were born. It is a day of happiness and enjoyment. Let us celebrate together this day!! Happy Birthday to the best husband in this earth!!

The elegant words are not sincere, sincere words are not smart and that’s why…Only…I am saying you…Happy Birthday!

You are very special; you are the most loving sister who fights with me, plays with me & advise me what to do. You are so kind & helpful to me .I love you my sister.  I wish you a great Happy Birthday!!

Thanks for being my friend & giving your company all the time. You are a blessing in my life. May your wishes come true! Happy Birthday dear hubby!

Happy Birthday to You My Son
Happy Birthday Motivational Wish For Son

May you get all the happiness your heart can hold; all the smiles a day can fetch; all the lucky things a life can unfold. Happy Birthday dear brother!

I consider myself very lucky to experience the happiness that came with having a child and one of the happiness that comes with having a daughter like you. Happy Birthday to the most beautiful daughter!!


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