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Last Updated on February 14, 2024

We know donuts are a popular holiday treat and why shouldn’t they be?

It tastes heavenly & brings the family together while baking in the kitchen.

And one popular place to have donuts is Krispy Kreme.

Krispy Kreme is there to serve and let you have your favorite dozen & caffeine doses.

The utmost attractive part about Krispy Kreme is its Reward Program. This program has opportunities for users to get freebies.

I know you’re here to know if you can have a free donut without paying a cent. Yes, you can get a free donut by signing up for Krispy Kreme on their website.

Read below to get yours today!


How to get a Free Donut & Rewards at Krispy Kreme?

You can get rewards in 3 main ways in Krispy Kreme outlets. Learn more about it below:

Sign Up for Free Donut


  • You have to register yourself on the Krispy Kreme app or website.
  • Go to their official website & sign up.
  • Or download the Krispy Kreme app from the app store.
  • After signing up, you can claim a free donut from the app while making your first buy.

Best Rewards is for Krispy Kreme Members

The best way to get Krispy Kreme’s deals & offers at any time of the year is through their Reward Program. Reward Program lets you collect points to redeem for free items from Krispy Kreme.

Anyways, as a member you get exclusive Krispy Kreme offers & rewards too.

Buy & Earn Points to get a Free Dozen

The best way is their point-earning system.

This helps you earn your favorites as freebies. Dozen is the most famous item won & which you get after completing 12 points on the app.


How do I Earn Credits for Rewards?

You get points or credits based on what you buy from Krispy Kreme.

For example, you get 1 doughnut point for purchasing 1 doughnut. Similarly, for 1 Brewed Coffee.

What you get in Krispy Kreme Reward Program 2024?

You can expect a bunch of reward items from Krispy Kreme in 2024. Some of the items that I know you can get as a reward are:

  1. A donut
  2. Dozen set of donuts
  3. Coffee
  4. Birthday Cake
  5. Drinks
  6. Ice creams
  7. Grocery, etc

Find more food items in their reward by signing up for their email list!


Are you qualified for the Krispy Kreme Login?

You need to tick off some requirements to sign up for Rewards. Follow along to see if you’re eligible or not.

  • 13+ teens can register for the reward program.
  • The catch is that you’ve to do it under the supervision of your parents/guardian till you’re 13-18 y/o.
  • You can be a new member
  • Or Existing one to upgrade for rewards.

What’s the Validity of Krispy Kreme Rewards?

The validity is 90 days from the day the rewards are transferred to your account. However, you can defer it using the ‘off’ option in your “Available Rewards” section.

Also, your birthday rewards are valid from 1st to last day of your birthday month.

Make sure you mark the calendar to not miss it.

Where to Redeem Your Birthday Dozen?


One can redeem rewards by visiting the Krispy Kreme outlets. Krispy Kreme takes orders from the website, app, or directly at the store counter.

So, you can redeem it in any of those 3 ways. But, you have to pick up your order by yourself.

Good news is that Krispy Kreme might launch delivery very soon!

Redeem at Eligible Outlets Only

The list of eligible ‘Krispy Kreme Rewards’ stores include 50 states and districts of Columbia. This facility is not available for users in Puerto Rico.

How do I Make Changes to My Account?


You can easily change your email, birthday details, and more by setting options in your Krispy Kreme account.

If you’re seeking help for some serious issue on the app or website, click here!

Have Your Bite of Krispy Kreme Donuts


Relatable for everyone for donuts, no?

Especially, when it’s about Krispy Kreme Donuts.

What I fancy about Krispy Kreme is that they treat their members with premium perks.

Krispy Kreme can be a wonderful place for the celebration of your birthday & even for your loved ones.

Sweets make a day better, enjoy your free donut at Krispy Kreme.

And I’ll see you next time when I will share some more tips on getting free treats & Birthday Ideas.

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