Lockdown Birthday Ideas: 8 New Ways to Celebrate Your Kids and Teenager B’day

Last Updated on June 7, 2022

Lockdown has made us stay indoors and discontinued our usual days since last mid-2020. I know that your kids and their birthdays mean a lot to you.

Due to restrictions of lockdown, it is quite unlikely to enjoy birthdays like we used to do prior COVID pandemic. In my opinion, even though this pandemic is hitting hard on us, we can still make it work for our little ones on their special days.

We cannot go out and party during the lockdown period, but can still celebrate it at home for the safety of everyone around us.

Considering the restrictions, I am sharing a list of amazing lockdown birthday ideas with you today. Now your loved ones can live it up at their birthday bash yet in the lockdown.

Also, I have written an extra Idea for your children’s birthday celebration at the end of this post, so make sure you grab that piece of cake(I am already getting bday vibes).

4 Birthday Party Ideas In Lockdown For Kids

1.  Throw A Theme Based Birthday Party

Birthday parties are more fun when you are organising a theme-based celebration, especially for your little one.

Theme Based birthday parties are no doubt admired by the kids, so you can gather all the family members for fastening up the party preparation.

The party theme can be inspired by their favorite cartoon characters like Avengers, Barbie, Bheem, etc. where members have to role-play the different characters and our birthday boy/girl will get the main celebrity of the celebration.

Note: Try to decorate the room for them according to the theme you have chosen for their birthday celebration.

Check here for more theme based birthday party ideas.

2.  Plan a Birthday Celebration Through virtual Meets

If you think organising a themed birthday celebration is out of the radar, then you can plan a virtual meet and greet for your toddler on his special day.

Nowadays, many other video virtual platforms like Zoom, Google Meets, Hangouts, etc made it possible to have a party with friends in Lockdown.

All you need to do is give your kid, homemade cake, request everyone for cute birthday decorations in the background with an online invitation to all the friends.

3.  Make A Handmade Greeting Card

The cutest thing you can do for your child is to present him a handmade Birthday Card prepared by you and other family members.

This might sound lame to you, but believe me, children are way more humble than us adults.

Also, No words can express their joy after seeing that combination of rainbow colours with a gigantic ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY KID’ on their greeting card.

you can try jotting down a birthday jingle or poem as well with some cute stickers on it.

4.  Have Fun With Indoor Party Games

A party is forever unsolicited without a number of fun games played all together with other lockdown birthday activities.

You can look upto playing some cool indoor games like Snake & Ladder, Ludo, Sudoku, UNO, etc that are no doubt adored by your child.

These games are fun and can be played on your smartphones through many gaming Apps as well. A few of them are Ludo King, Chess King, etc.

Teenage Girl Birthday Plan In Lockdown

1.  Surprise Her With A Birthday Cake

I am 19 y/o, so no one except a teenage girl can convey to you the best Idea for your youngster’s birthday celebration in this never-ending lockdown.

Kids nowadays want something fancy, the most elegant and quickest way is to bake a cake at home and decorate with gems, whipped cream, etc.

Yes, you heard that right, it is that simple.

Lastly, quietly wake her up and surprise her with the cake when it is just before 12:00 in the morning of her birthday.

Sing a birthday song for her to make it more special and this is how you made her teen birthday the best even in the pandemic.

2.  Let The DJ Inside You Do Some Show Off

Do you know any Gen Z teenager who does not want to have a birthday bash with his favorite songs on repeat?

You know the answer is one in a million.

For those music lovers, this birthday idea in lockdown is about throwing a musical birthday party.

What else can be cooler than being a DJ at your teenage girl’s party to show her that you want to be her best friend rather than a disciplinarian parent? She’d love to see you making efforts on her special day which would definitely take you closer to your little girl.


3.  Prepare a Fiesta With Family

The birthday dinner with a proper three-course meal can be a great bonding time for everyone at your home.

Make the best use of this lockdown by gathering all family members for a long, talkative, hustle-bustle, finger-licking meal. All of this is at one table on your adolescent young teen’s birthday.

Teenagers of our generation are overwhelmed with social media and the virtual world. This dinner on her birthday can make her feel more comfortable with family and offline space.


4.  Present Her A Gift Card In Lockdown

You know these days, presenting a gift card is the new way for expressing ‘happy birthday’ to your little teenager.

Due to the pandemic, she is unable to get a new dress or her favorite pair of sandals which she has wanted for a long period for her 18th birthday.

The best present you can provide her is a gift card for this special event of her life.

You can buy gift cards from various e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

The gift card arrives with longer validity periods. So, she can use it when the lockdown comes to an end.

Let Your Kids Enjoy The Best Birthday

No lockdown can stop you from organising an amazing birthday party for your kids and giving them tons of blessings on their special days.

I am delighted to share all of my current favorite birthday ideas with you today. If you liked these ideas then do let me know in the comments below.

Moreover, if you would like to suggest any other birthday ideas for lockdown I would be happy to know them. I am wishing a very happy birthday to your loved ones in advance(in case I’m not invited).

You might be waiting for that last idea that I mentioned at the beginning, let me reveal that one for you. That special birthday idea is doing ‘CHARITY’ in this pandemic when a lot of people are starving and deprived of all the basic necessities.

Our small help can make their life a lot better, and inculcating the sense of compassion for less privileged people is the best present you can give your children in this lockdown.

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