Birth Flower of August : Gladiolus & Poppy

Last Updated on October 26, 2017

Friends, we are presenting you the birthday flower of August month. Each month represents a special flower and the characteristics of this flower show the qualities of the person born in the month.

Have a look at the information about the birth flower of August.

Birth Flower of the Month August

The birthday flowers of August are “Gladiolus” and “Poppy”.

Gladiolus is an Old World plant of the iris family, with sword-shaped leaves & spikes of brightly colored flowers, popular in gardens & as a cut flower.

Gladiolus: August Birthday Flower

Image Credit: Eden Brothers

Poppy is a herbaceous plant with showy flowers, milky sap, & rounded seed capsules.

August Birth Flower Characteristics

Gladiolus (US/UK) symbolizes the qualities of strength, truthfulness, remembrance, and passion. It comes in different colors: – red, pink, white, yellow & purple

  1. Red Gladiolus is the symbol of Love & enthusiasm
  2. Pink Gladiolus shows womanliness, kindness and mother’s, love
  3. White Gladiolus represents virtue and clarity
  4. Yellow Gladiolus symbolizes joyfulness & kindness
  5. Purple Gladiolus is the sign of charisma, elegance & strangeness


The Second birth flower for August is “Poppy” (The US style)

Poppy: August Birthday Flower (Us Style)

Image Taken from American Meadows

This flower comes mainly in three colors: – White, Red, and Yellow.

  1. White poppy presents relief and consolation.
  2. Red poppy shows enjoyment and happiness.
  3. Yellow one symbolizes prosperity and success.

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