8 Unique Gift Ideas for 70th Birthday

Last Updated on August 4, 2018

It is a perfect time to throw a grand party after hitting the age of 70. And along with the arrangements of the birthday party, it also becomes really a very challenging task to find a perfect gift for someone very special. This is because, at the age of 70, one really has a less choice to consider. So, to make it easier for you, we have shortlisted some of the amazing birthday gift ideas which you can go for. You can gift these items to your mom and dad on their birthdays.

At the age of 70, the person is old enough to be excited by the normal gifts. This is because they have experienced more than half of their life by accepting such normal gifts. So, it is really very important to choose a gift which should be special and at the same time unique. The list of birthday gifts that we have made can be gifted both to a man or a woman. This is the reason which makes this post so much special. Wish t your dear ones by creating personalized 70th birthday cake with the name.


Gifts that you need to go for in the 70th Birthday:

Before going through the gifts, we would like to mention that one needs to choose a gift which comes handy or is user-friendly for a 70 years old person. And at the same time, we have put a lot of efforts in selecting particular gifts which will help in showing your love and affection to the birthday person. Finding a right item as a 70th birthday gift is up to us and you will really be amazed by seeing this.


Beautiful Drinking Glasses:

If you are confused enough to find a suitable gift for the 70th birthday of your one, then here is the simple but at the same time unique and affordable gift which you can go for. The floral printed drinking glasses are just adorable and the perfect gift idea for a 70 years old person. These drinking glasses will always come in regular day to day use.



Wooden Rocking Chair:

If you want to spend extra bugs of money, then this would a unique option. This idea will work great if you want to gift it to your 70 years old mother or father. Whenever they feel tired, they can sit in the rocking chair and relax. We would recommend you to go for a vintage style rocking chair that will eventually become their favorite place for relaxation.




The camera will work best as a special 70th birthday gift if the person loves to click photos. This device will not only help in capturing the precious moments but will even be his or her favorite thing with which he or she can spend his rest of the day. If the person loves to click photos then nothing can be a perfect gift than the camera. You can find the camera as per your budget accordingly.



Music Player:

A vintage music player will take them to their old days. But along with the music player, make sure to purchase a CD which contains their favorite songs. This gift is perfect if the person is a music lover. He or she can spend the quality time with their loved ones by listening to the melodious songs and can even be their daily pass time activity.



Coffee Machine:

Everyone loves drinking coffee, especially the people of the United States are much addicted to coffee or caffeine. So it is always best for them to gift a coffee machine. One thing you have to make sure that the person is a coffee lover. This is one of the most precious 70th birthday gifts which one can go for.



Ice Cream Maker:

Who does not love having ice cream as his or her dessert? No other gift can be so special than this. Make their life much sweeter by gifting them the electronic ice cream maker as their 70th birthday gift. These ice cream makers are really user-friendly which doesn’t require any hardships.


Dry Fruits Basket:

If you want to go for some affordable yet unique gift, then no one can compete with a dry fruit basket. It contains several dry fruits along with nuts. We all know that everyone needs a proper amount of nourishment to our body. It contains vital nutrients which are very important at this point of age. And at the same time, it is delicious too. So, this can be the best and unique 70th birthday gift for your near and dear ones. The basket contains almonds, nuts, pistachios, raw walnuts, cashews as well as pecans. If you are willing to gift a special thing to your 70 years old grandma then you should definitely go for it.



BBQ Grill:

Each and every non-vegetarian person loves eating meat, especially grilled meat. So if the birthday person is a meat lover, then a BBQ grill set would be the best gift for him or her. Also, the person who loves cooking can be the best option to go for. We would highly recommend you to gift this product to your mom on her 70th birthday. We assure you she will love it.



So, these are the amazing gifting ideas which we wanted to share with you. As you have a long list of birthday gift ideas for gifting a 70 years old person, what are you waiting for? Select the suitable gifting idea or you can choose some of the options and then shortlist it according to your preference. So, with this, we end up this list of 70th birthday gifts. We are sure that this article has cleared all your doubts regarding the gifting ideas. To make it easier for you to purchase, we have also shared the purchase links. You can go through that.

Last but definitely not the least, a precious birthday gift which can leave all other gifting ideas behind is your love and care towards the person. Please do not forget to write in the comment section below which gift was your favorite one and if we have missed out any item, you can suggest us in the comments. We will be happy to read your suggestions.


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