Birthday Invitation Messages & Wordings for Friends

Last Updated on January 30, 2019

A bunch of perfect words for birthday party invitation is what makes the birthday special for the guests.  Check out customized 1st birthday invitations for boys & girls.

So here are some amazing birthday invitation wordings for the first birthday, funny birthday invitation wording, and general birthday invitation wording:

First birthday invitation wordings for kids

  • With lots of fun and candies, Let’s celebrate this day as my baby turns 1!
  • Hey there, hey there, Come for the fun! Our little princess is turning 1!

  • Turning one is so much exciting, Let’s have a party second to none!
  • Her royal highness, Princess requests your presence as a royal celebration in honor of the first year of her reign.
  • Our baby boy is turning 1 and we are obliged to invite you to come and celebrate our special day with us.
  • His first bite with his first tooth. We are celebrating this special day with cake, balloons and lots of fun so please come and make it memorable for him.
  • We want your presence when she blows her first birthday candle as we want to celebrate this with people who care for her.
  • You were there when I first opened my eyes, You were there when I took my first steps, Now I wish to see you here when I celebrate my first birthday.
  • Please come and join us as our baby welcomes the second year of the roller coaster called life.
  • The cake may be smaller but there will be huge fun and with your presence on my first birthday will be the cherry on the cake!
  • I am sweet and caring, I would want to share my sweetness with you as I am turning 1! Wish to see you with all the smiles.

  • A year passed, in the blink of an eye, Come up and celebrate this moment with me as I am welcoming my second year.


Funny Birthday Invitation Messages 

It’s time to party and play as I am turning 8

There is no space for fear and the theme is to scare the ghosts

Come and join me in my superhero birthday party.


The lions are here, the Tigers are here,

So where are you my dear one?

Help me to complete my family on my turning 10!


I have turned 16 but I am still a kid,

Celebrate my childishness with me on my day, my birthday!


Keep calm and be ready for the surprises as it’s my birthday

So be there for the party!


  • We all love cakes so I invite you to share my cake with you and help make your tummy happy.
  • I am so shocked to announce that I have turned 18! Please come and help me in realizing this!
  • If you have two hands then come and clap when I cut my cake!
  • Oh! I am turning 20 but still look like 15! Come and witness me on my special day!
  • Cheers for beers! Join me on the day when I was born 19 years back!
  • Oh! Grown older but not wiser, come and help me with this fact on my birthday.
  • Nothing makes you more tolerant of a neighbor’s noisy party than being there! Join me and help increase your tolerance level on my birthday.
  • I love gifts so can you come to my birthday and help me increase my collection? I welcome you to the fun.
  • I welcome all the party lovers at my place for my birthday party where you will get free food, drinks, and lots of fun games and secret biz.
  • A limited period offer, valid for only one day. Grab your chance to get free cake. Only on my 20th


General Birthday Invitation Wordings


  • As I love my family and friends very much so I wish to celebrate my birthday with you.
  • Birthdays are all about cakes, candles, and special people around us. I would love to have all of this so wishing your presence on my special day.
  • The prince is about to turn into a king soon. Inviting you to celebrate his ruling day with him on his birthday.
  • I am hosting my birthday party so spare your 3 hours for me and join me there.
  • From a teenager to the final stages of adulthood, join him on his 20th
  • You are cordially invited to my birthday party; all you need to bring is a smile on your face.
  • With your blessing and love, my baby is turning 5! Hope to see you at the celebration of our bundle of joy.
  • Fifty years old and still as strong as twenty-five. We hope to hear from you on my father’s birthday.
  • For a night fun of music, fun, food, and games, come and join me for my birthday celebration.
  • It’s my day to tell you that I have grown up. So here I invite you to my birthday party. I hope you will come!
  • With the chirping of the birds and in the woods near the water, I invite you to my farmhouse for another birthday party.
  • One of the greatest days of our life is our birthday so come and join mine this weekend.
  • A lot of happiness is awaiting you this Friday in the clubhouse as you are invited to attend the coolest birthday party ever.
  • There is no better way of saying thank you to all my dear ones than a birthday. So I invite you to the gathering at my birthday party.
  • Your presence will make me feel special on my birthday so I wish to see you here on my special day making it more special for me.
  • I have learned a lot from you and I am grateful to you for that. I would want to learn many more things in my coming years so I invite you to celebrate my birthday with you.




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