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Stuffed toys are evergreen and always loved by kids.

Birthdays are more than just milestones – they’re moments of joy, laughter, and cherished memories.

And when it comes to celebrating in style, there’s no place quite like Build-A-Bear.

With its unique blend of creativity, imagination, and furry friends, Build-A-Bear offers an unforgettable birthday experience that captivates children and adults alike.

From a wide range of birthday parties to bumper discounts, they have it all.

Let’s get started.

How to Get Your Birthday Bear?


The Build-A-Bear birthday reward is mind-boggling. You can make your furry animal at just the price equal to your age.

Yes, you read right!

Imagine, you’re 7 and you can make your stuffed toy for $7.

They call it the ‘Birthday Treat Bear.’

To get the birthday special you have to become a Bonus Club Member, a reward program offered by Build-A-Bear.


Who is Eligible for Count Your Candles Birthday Deal?


Only Bonus Club Members are eligible for the birthday reward, AKA, birthday discount on teddy bear.

You can become a member with just a few clicks.

Learn below how to JOIN. It’s absolutely FREE.

How to Become a Bonus Club Member?

It is easy and costs no money.

Just sign up from HERE and provide the information necessary to sign up.

How to Avail the Birthday Rewards?

Get the birthday discount by joining the reward program.

It’s SIMPLE, just follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up for the Bonus Club Membership.
  2. It is free and easy to do.
  3. After signing up, make sure to buy at least a couple of times from the same account.
  4. Now, sit back and wait for your birthday month & redeem your birthday discount (In-store).

Bonus Club Rewards & Benefits


Once you sign up for Build-A-Bear reward program, AKA, Bonus Club Member, you become eligible for the exclusive rewards & offers.

> You can unlock discounts with reward points.

> You earn 1 point for every dollar you spend on purchase at Build-A-Bear.

> The conversion of points works like this: you get $10 for every 100 points.

Learn more about Bonus Club Member benefits HERE.

Build-A-Bear Birthday Parties (In Store)


  • Personalized Party Themes: Build-A-Bear allows you to create a party that reflects your child’s unique interests and personality. Anything from princess to superhero party themes are here.
  • Enjoy the Celebration: On the day of the party, your guests will be greeted by a friendly Party Leader who will guide them through the Build-A-Bear experience. With activities like stuffing, dressing, and accessorizing their furry friends, the party is sure to be a hit with guests of all ages.
  • Take Home Memories: As the party comes to an end, guests will leave with their newly made furry friends, along with cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Plus, the birthday child will receive a special gift from Build-A-Bear as a token of appreciation for choosing to celebrate with them.

Book a party at Build-A-Bear from HERE.

What does Build-A-Bear give for birthdays?

They give you birthday discounts on their stuffed animals.

You get a teddy bear worth $14 for a discounted price.

You will get it only for the same price as your age on your birthday.

Can I get a discount at Build-A-Bear for my birthday?


You get a birthday discount and many MORE offers as a Bonus Club Member.

Becoming a bonus club member is absolutely free.

How does a birthday party at Build-A-Bear work?

You have to first sign up for the Build-A-Bear reward program. Then, start collecting reward points by buying in-store.

Now, wait for your birthday to get your birthday reward.

A heavy discount on your stuffed toy.

Other Birthday Facilities at Build-A-Bear

Here are some of the exclusive benefits for birthdays at Build-A-Bear. Save this for later if you’re in a hurry.

> Buy Birthday Gifts from the store HERE.

> Book a Birthday Party HERE.

> Book a seat at Build-A-Bear Workshop HERE.

> Buy At-Home Party Boxes HERE.


Whether you’re celebrating your child’s birthday, hosting a special event, or simply treating yourself to a furry companion, Build-A-Bear is here to make your day extraordinary.

With its commitment to creativity, imagination, and heartfelt connections, Build-A-Bear Workshop invites you to celebrate joy, create memories, and embrace the magic of birthdays in a whole new way.



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