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Last Updated on May 28, 2024

Signing up for My Pretzel Perks is a simple and rewarding experience.

Get a free pretzel from Auntie Annie in 2024.

Want to know how?

Let’s begin.

Are you a fan of soft, warm pretzels with delectable toppings?

If so, you’re in for a treat – literally! Auntie Anne’s, the beloved pretzel shop known for its delicious snacks, offers a delightful birthday reward as part of its My Pretzel Perks program.

Once you’ve enrolled, you gain access to a range of exclusive benefits, including special offers, sneak peeks at new products, and, of course, a birthday surprise.

Here’s how it WORKS!

> Upon joining the My Pretzel Perks program, you’ll be prompted to provide your birthday information.

> When your special day arrives, Auntie Anne’s will celebrate with you by offering a complimentary treat.

> This could be a free pretzel of your choice or another enticing offer, making your birthday celebration even sweeter.

> Whether you prefer the classic Original Pretzel, crave something savory like the Pepperoni Pretzel, or fancy a sweet indulgence with the Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel, Auntie Anne’s has something to satisfy every craving.

> And with your birthday reward, you have the perfect excuse to treat yourself to your favorite snack for FREE.

> To join My Pretzel Perks and start enjoying these fantastic benefits, simply visit Auntie Anne’s website or download the mobile app.

> Signing up is free and easy.

> And you’ll start earning rewards with your very first purchase. You will get 10 points for a dollar spent on the purchase.

> Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make your birthday extra special with Auntie Anne’s.

Steps to Get A Free Pretzel

  • Sign Up for My Pretzel Perks: Visit the Auntie Anne’s website or download the mobile app to sign up for the My Pretzel Perks program. You can typically find the sign-up link on the homepage or within the app.
  • Provide Your Information: Fill out the required fields to create your My Pretzel Perks account. This may include providing your name, email address, birthday, and creating a password.
  • Verify Your Email (if applicable): If you signed up through the website and need to verify your email, check your inbox for a verification email from Auntie Anne’s. Follow the instructions to verify your email address.
  • Complete Registration: Once your email is verified (if required), complete the registration process by filling out any additional information requested and agreeing to the program’s terms and conditions.
  • Enter Birthday Information: Ensure you accurately enter your birthday information during the registration process. This is crucial for receiving your birthday reward.
  • Wait for Your Birthday: Sit back and wait for your birthday to arrive! Auntie Anne’s will celebrate your special day by sending you a birthday reward.
  • Redeem Your Birthday Reward: When your birthday comes around, check your email or the Auntie Anne’s app for your birthday reward. This could be a coupon for a free pretzel or another special offer.
  • Visit Auntie Anne’s: Head to your nearest Auntie Anne’s location to redeem your birthday reward. Show the coupon or offer code to the staff when placing your order.
  • Enjoy Your Free Pretzel: Indulge in your favorite Auntie Anne’s pretzel flavor and enjoy your birthday treat!

Auntie Anne Reward Program

After redeeming your birthday reward, continue to enjoy the perks of being a My Pretzel Perks member. Keep an eye out for exclusive offers, promotions, and rewards that you can access through the program.

So why wait?

Sign up today and start indulging in the sweet rewards of being a My Pretzel Perks member!

For you, I have shared some frequently asked questions.

To learn reward program’s t&c, click HERE.

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Details of the Auntie Anne’s Birthday Reward

You will get a free pretzel on your birthday. Also, remember that you can redeem one offer per order or visit at Auntie Anne.

How to Get a Free Birthday Pretzel?

Once you have signed up for the program, you are eligible for a birthday reward.

Please note that, they may require you to collect a minimum point in your reward wallet or minimum purchase before redeeming your reward. You generally get a pretzel but it may change as per their t&c.

What’s more in the Reward Program?

From time to time, Auntie Anne takes out programs like BOGO (buy one get one), exclusive programs during holiday season, and more.

You gotta sign up to ENJOY THEM ALL 🙂

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