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Top Funny Happy Birthday Songs

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Wishing friend’s birthday in a unique way could be done with funny happy birthday songs. Here we have added amusing birthday songs that are best to wish happy birthday to your dear ones.



Happy Birthday Hilarious Song By Funzoa

Here is a charming teddy wishing birthday in a comical manner .Watch this witty birthday song by Funzoa

Lyrics of this song is as follows:-

Happy Birthday To You,
But Are You Sure If The Date Is True,
Maybe They Ain’t Your Real Parents,
& They Lie About Your Existence,
Maybe You’re An Orphan,
They Just Found You By The Fence,
Do I Make Sense…


Well Happy Birthday To You,
But I Am Not Sure If The Date Is True,
Maybe You’re A Stolen Baby,
Or You’re Are From A Different Daddy,
When You’re Born, You Were So Young,
How Could You Have Known This,
Lord, Have Mercy..


Happy Birthday To You,
I Doubt This Mother Had You,
Maybe You’re An Adopted Child,
Did You Go & Check The Files,
If You Go Confront Your Mama,
She Could Just Deny
But Don’t Be So Blind..


Hey Happy Birthday To You,
C’mon Look A Little Happy, Get In The Mood,
I Don’t Mean To Create A Scene,
But Looking At You, I Kept Thinking,
Maybe You’re A Clone They Produced
From Something Else’s Genes,
God I Can’t Imagine..


Well Happy Birthday To You,
Blow The Candle, Don’t Look So Blue,
Cut The Cake, Let’s Celebrate,
Let’s Just Hope You Are Not A Mistake,
Maybe The Nurse Forgot Your Birth,
And Picked A Random Date,
So This Birthday Could Be Fake…


Happy Birthday To You,
But Your Mom & Dad Don’t Resemble You,
Happy Birthday To You,
Hope You Didn’t Mind, Am I Too Rude,
Happy Birthday To You,
I’m Your Best Friend, So I’m Concerned,
How Facts Can Be Construed,
What If They Lied To You


The Arrogant Worms: Happy Birthday Funny Song

This song was sung by Canadian musical comedy trio & written by Fred Ebb & John Kander.  This funny song is added on YouTube by MickeyDutch

Lyrics of This song

Once A Year We Celebrate, With Stupid Hats And Plastic Plates

The Fact That You Were Able To Make, Another Trip Around The Sun


And The Whole Clan Gathers Round, & Gifts And Laughter Do Abound

And We Let Out A Joyful Sound, And Sing That Stupid Song


Happy Birthday!! Now You’re One Year Older!

Happy Birthday!! Your Life Still Isn’t Over!

Happy Birthday!! You Did Not Accomplish Much

But You Didn’t Die This Year,I Guess That’s Good Enough


So Let’s Drink To Your Fading Health & Hope You Don’t Remind Yourself

The Chance Of Finding Fame & Wealth, Decrease With Every Year


Does It Feel Like You’re Doing Laps & Eating Food And Taking Naps?

& Hoping That Someday Perhaps, Your Life Will Hold Some Cheer


Happy Birthday!! What Have You Done That Matters??

Happy Birthday!! You’re Starting To Get Fatter

Happy Birthday! It’s Downhill From Now On

Try Not To Remind Yourself, Your Best Years Are All Gone


If Cryogenics Were All Free, Then You Could Live Like Walt Disney

& Live For All Eternity, Inside A Block Of Ice


But Instead Your Time Is Set; This Is The Only Life You Get

& Though It Hasn’t Ended Yet, Sometimes You Wish It Might


Happy Birthday!! You Wish You Had More Money

Happy Birthday!! Your Life’s So Sad It’s Funny

Happy Birthday!!How Much More Can You Take??

But Your Friends Are Hungry, So Just Cut The Stupid Cake


Happy Birthday!!…..Happy Birthday!…….Happy Birthday, Dear…

Lyrics Credit: Metro Lyrics


 Funny Happy Birthday Song By Adam Sandler

Here’s the video of Adam Sandler:- Funny Birthday song by BuciuDeCuluFilm

Happy Birthday Funny Wish Song

This funny song is uploaded by GreatBirthdayIdeas. Have a glimpse:-


Happy Birthday Chipmunks Funny Song

Checkout the funny chipmunk wishing birthday!! This video is the creation of  Vasa Lakshmi



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