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Last Updated on October 30, 2019

Each and every month of the year has some specific characteristics as well as occasion. Whether it is at the starting of the year or the ending of the year. Along with that, every month starting from January to December is the birth month of millions of people out there all around the world. And to make each month special, a gemstone has been assigned based on its characteristics and features.

Gemstones are also known as birthstones. So, in this article, we will be talking about the September Birthstone.

What’s the birthstone for September?

The special gemstone for the month of September has been assigned to sapphire. It is one of the most beautiful and extraordinary gemstones because it comes in various colors.

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Nature of September Born Babies

Before discussing the Sapphire which is also known as the September birthstone, let us have a look on the nature of September born babies.

Polite in nature:

September born people are extremely polite in nature. They always try not to hurt people. They hardly say NO to people as they are way too polite. Most of the times you will find them choosing their profession as teachers or lawyers as they are straightforward.

Worry a lot for people:

They always over think and worry a lot for the people. This is the main reason when they face any problem, it becomes extremely difficult for them to overcome that situation.

Truthfulness is in their blood:

They are not like the other people who always go for fictions or fantasies. They are extremely down to earth. They do not find any difficulty in selecting the perfect path for them as they are damn confident in selecting the right path.

Passionate Lovers:

How can we forget about their relationship? They are the passionate lovers. September born people clearly know how to please their partners and the way of expressing his or her love for the respective partner.


They are extremely crazy in nature. They love exploring adventurous places. They find adventure everywhere which keep their spirit up. This is the main reason that they are known as the great travelers.

Their love for books:

They are the bookworms. Yes, reading can be irritating for most of the people, but not for the September born babies. No matter wherever they are, they always have a book in their bag.

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Benefits of  September Birthstone: Sapphire

Because of the existence of titanium and iron, the stone produces the blue color. However, the color varies from the stone to stone. It can be in the light blue form and also be in the dark blue form. All depends on the guards. It can be in various colors such as blue, dark blue, greenish, and purple-blue color. Most of the people go for the dark blue or the purple-blue colored Sapphire as they are the most desirable ones. There are many decorated sapphires available which are purple, pink, orange, green and yellow in color. This is a really very surprising thing that a single stone can produces wide ranges of colors.

Sapphire is a symbol of spirituality as well as integrity. It is very useful if you want are stuck in a legal matter concerning justice. It is also known as the gemstone of commitment, love as well as fidelity. We always recommend you to gift sapphire to a newly wedded couple. However, if a couple is involved in certain relationship obstacles such as divorce or separation, we advise them to remove sapphire jewelry which is gifted by their near and dear ones. This is because it can create bitter feelings for the partner in such a situation.

Blue Sapphire have certain healing properties which can soothe insomnia. It can also cure eye infections or any other eye problems by improving the eyesight. It can also cure various other health issues by relieving fever, headaches, body infections as well as vertigo. It is extremely good for the wearer who is suffering from swollen glands and thyroid. Not only this, Sapphire helps in treating neurological disorders and blood disorders.

It is very effective in the financial wealth of the wearer. It increases the person’s income by welcoming various sources. In short, it helps in bringing financial stability. If a person is wearing a sapphire, he or she can be safe from certain kinds of issues in life such as terror, theft, accidents or any other natural calamities.

Now as we came to know about the nature of the September born people, let us take a look on the characteristics and details of Sapphire.

Each sapphire stone has its own specific properties which we will be discussing here.

Green Sapphire:

Green Sapphire brings integrity as well as fidelity. It stimulates compassion, improves dream recalling capability and encompasses one’s vision.

Black Sapphire:

Black Sapphire provide confidence to the wearer. It helps in relieving sorrow as well as anxiety. It gives protection to the wearer and maintains employment opportunities.

Pink Sapphire:

It controls the emotional balance of the individuals by giving the power of forgiveness, encourages love and compassion.

Orange Sapphire:

It strengthens the wearer’s sensuality, creativity as well as spirituality power. All in all, it is a perfect gemstone for the singers, writers, and artists.

Yellow Sapphire:

Yellow Sapphire gives the wearer lots of prosperity in his or her life. It not only gives the financial stability to the person but also helps in achieving the wearer’s ultimate goal in his or her life.

Violet Sapphire:

Violet Sapphire boosts the spiritual power of an individual by stimulating meditation, opening the kundalini chakra. It ultimately gives the mental peace.

White Sapphire:

White Sapphire provides inner peace by overcoming various obstacles and challenges in the spiritual life. It strengthens the communication skills and elevates the clarity in the wearer’s mind.

September Birthstone Jewelry

Sapphire is the only gemstone which is widely used in most of the jewelry items. This stone is very popular in every country. Among all the gemstones which are available, ruby and sapphire are the most popular ones.

September Birthstone Necklace

Here is this cool lab-created blue sapphire necklace that shows infinity symbol which represents the endless love for someone. It could be the best birthday gift for your lover/wife.

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This Guardian Wings Heart Crystal Necklace could be another option to gift for Your Mother, Lover, Wife, Fiancée, Girlfriend on their Birthday.

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If you are looking for rings to gift your dear ones, you can go for sapphire rings, earrings, necklace and other jewelry items.

September Birthstone Ring

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September Birthstone Earrings

Check out these sapphire earrings, it could be an awesome gift for the lady who is going to celebrate her birthday in the month of September. Here are Royal Blue Earrings, Bow to Blue Earrings and Sweet Blue Princess earrings.

september birthstone earrings

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So these are some of the best information about September birthstone and its benefits. We hope that this article was helpful to you. If you have any other thoughts on it, please let us know in the comment section below.


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