Know About Your Personality: The Secret Language Of Birthdays

Last Updated on October 15, 2016

If you are interested in numerology, spiritual insights and want to know how your birthday has effects on your life and behaviour, The Secret Language Of Birthdays could be the best book to read. This book contains realistic and spiritual knowledge about your power, weakness and other practical things that concerned with your own behaviour.

The Secret Language of birthdays is the book written by Gary Goldschneider in 1994. He is a well known American writer, pianist, and composer. This book has been sold more than one million copies over the span of twenty-two years.


This book is an éclat that consists of 832 pages of the information about astrology, our behavior, and personality. It depicts the information of everyone’s birthday and provides the resemblance among the all  the person those have born on the same day.

Why to Buy The Secret Language Of Birthdays?

This book does not bother about the twelve zodiacal signs; instead, it contains two pages for each of 365 days and also includes 29th February (in case of leap year).  Each day exactly explains the persona of the person born on it, whether they are renowned or not. It’s amazing how every time I reference this book to read up on a friend, These two pages will help you to know about the numerology related to your birthday and focuses all things, good or bad about your personality and temperament. It would be a good idea to gift the copy of the two pages to your friend & dear ones of the date when their birthday falls in.

Buy The Secret Language Of Birthdays Book

Here is the Amazon link and other information about The Secret Language of birthdays:-

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