Late Birthday Wishes & Quotes For Friends & Family

Last Updated on October 30, 2019

Sometimes we fail to remember the birthdays of our dear ones. Due to our busy lives, we often forget to wish them in time.

If you didn’t wish your friends or relatives in time &  you are thinking what to do now. Don’t worry friends; here we have compiled cool & funny belated birthday wishes. These birthday wishes are late birthday wishes but not the least.

Check out the best funny late happy birthday messages & quotes collection:-

Happy Belated Birthday Messages & Cards

Happy belated birthday dear! I am very thankful to God for blessing me with such a lovely friend who will surely forgive me for wishing late. Enjoy your every day!!


Happy late birthday to you! I am feeling very sad for not wishing you on time.  By giving birthday treat You can make me feel happy..haha 😛

I can’t believe how I could I forget your birthday. However, I am sorry & wish you a belated happy birthday & splendid life ahead!

Hey, Once, an intellectual person said:-Better late than never. I beg your pardon. Wishing you the most energetic and charismatic life ahead!! Many happy returns!

Best belated birthday wishes to you, my brother/sister. I didn’t overlook your special day; I just wanted to extend your birthday celebration. Have a blessed life ahead!



I am sorry for not wishing your birthday on time. Could you rearrange the birthday party again? Haha..:P.  Wishing you a happy belated birthday!!

Though I am wishing you late that doesn’t mean my wishes are least.  May your all days be filled with love and happiness! All the best buddy. Please accept my late birthday wishes.

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Happy belated birthday my friend! Please accept my apologies & sincere wishes for that special day.  Wishing you a year full of love, friendship, and happiness!! Best wishes.

I am regretful that I missed to wish you on your special day. How strange, right? You know, my friend…This occurs to me only once in a year. :P. May God bless your every moment for being a good friend who has always helped me! Love you!



It’s obvious that you’ve been blessed with many wishes on your special day. Sorry to say, but a heartily birthday wish from my side was not one of them. Hope you had an awesome birthday!

Happy belated birthday! It’s very hard for me to remember your birthday cause you don’t look a day older than your last birthday! Wishing you a prosperous life buddy!

I am wishing you a late birthday because you are the person who ought to have an extra birthday. Best wishes to you, dear!!

You know what life is all about. It’s about forgiving & forgetting my friend. I forgot to wish you & now it’s your turn to forgive me. So simple it is!! Best Wishes!



As you are growing older, you are becoming more and more patient. Thank you for waiting for my belated birthday wishes.  I wish you happiness, success, and love in your life.  Let life gives only good thoughts and motivation.

Even though I am wishing you late, but I wish that it will give you happiness & love.   Wishing you’re your special day was a super one. Have a nice time!!



Happy belated birthday dear! I was just about to send you birthday wish…and then I fell asleep. I wish your birthday was as awesome as you are.

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