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Last Updated on October 15, 2018

Our Children are the pillars of our lives. Barring the pillars we are absolutely nothing.

A child is always a baby for his or her parents actually. Yet it is verity that, parents want yet assent their children to become ascended, self-dependent, full with flairs – to soar up – to deal with any kind of circumstances – to strive against every type of adversaries – not to become a survivor but a laureate actually. That’s why the 21st birthday of a daughter or a son is an important event for the parents actually.

To felicitate a child for acquiring maturity – we compiled a bunch of 21st birthday quotes and messages over here to help you out –

Birthday Greeting For 21st Birthday

You are matured – build your future now – happy 21st birthday to you.

It is clean and clear – you are acquiring discretion and flair gradually! Best wishes on your 21st birthday

You were a breeze one – now you are a sizzling one. Happy birthday to you!

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Conjure to you my child – conquer the world with the weapon of love merely. Happy birthday to you!

Not a little girl, now you are a 21 years old lady – be static and steady! Happy birthday to you!

You are not a small boy – need no toy – just make your future now! Happy birthday to you!

You are 21 now – be rigid, invoke speed in your life too. Happy birthday to you!

You are wild, you are mild too – you are my child – a Happy Birthday to you!


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It is my notion – you will be one of the assets of the nation. – Wo my child, happy birthday to you!

Your incarnation is an incantation for me. Happy 21st birthday to you my child.

On your 21st birthday, set a goal and onset the exercises to get the goal dear – happy birthday.

I am your parent and your happiness is my incipient need. Happy 21st birthday!

You are a luscious, precious gift for us. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

You are the most beautiful case of God’s grace! Happy birthday to you and many happy returns of the day too.

Don’t be a foul else you can’t be able to accomplish your goal at all! Happy birthday to you and many happy returns of the day too.

You are a very beautiful soul – may God bless you to accomplish your each and every goal. Happy birthday to you and many happy returns of the day too.

You are not my mirror – you are much better than me my child – Happy birthday to you and many happy returns of the day too.

For your parents, your birthday resembles with the ray of the blessing of God actually! Happy birthday to you and many happy returns of the day too.

You will be smarter since today – I assert it! Happy birthday to you!

This is the day of your incipience – this is the day of your independence as well – Happy 21st birthday!

This is not a segregated day – this is a great day actually! This is my child’s 21st birthday after all!

21 years back – you took birth and removed all the grudges for the world from my heart – thank you my child – thank you very much. Happy birthday to you too!

You are 21 today – this age is the last stage of play and voyage! Enjoy fully, my child! Happy birthday to you!

You are our child, you are our pride – nobody has collided about it. Happy birthday to you!

You are now 21 years old but for me, you are still a little girl and resembled with a pink pearl. Happy birthday.

Now your age is 21 – try to become a big person – my son.

No, it is not a hoax; we really have the volition to coax you on your birthday. Because you are our child and we are your parents!

Be a scathing one else you will get nothing in your life, my child! Happy birthday to you!

-Article By  Mithu Ghoshal


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