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Happy Birthday Twins Wishes & Quotes

Last Updated on March 10, 2017

There are handfuls of lucky people who are blessed with twins. On their birthday, it’s a double dose of happiness, love & fun. Here we have composed top Happy Birthday wishes for Twins. Just Select the best quotes and send it to your twins:-

Write Names on Twins Birthday Cake

Birthday Messages & Quotes for Twins

Best wishes for birthday to the sweetest twins ever!! I am thankful to God for blessing me with such a lovely kids. Though you may have dressed the same dress in your early days, but you both are awesome, charming and exceptional.

Twins are a lovely creation of God. You two have enjoyed your life together with love. You have shared many jolly moments from your childhoods. I wish you to keep this love and togetherness in the future. Happy Birthday,twins!!

Twins Happy Birthday Wishes & Quotes
Happy Birthday My Twins

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I couldn’t think a pair of adorable kids whom I like the most, whom I love to spend my time with. You both hold the special place near to my heart. Wishing you a fantastic happy birthday!!


There are so many good things that come in pairs, like ears, socks & panda bears, but the best of all are the set of twins, with extra laughter, double fun.  Wishing you both a marvelous birthday!!


We love you both for many reasons. You came into life together & shared very thing. I wish this birthday to be awesome as your both are. Happy Birthday cool twins ever!!


On the occasion of your special day, I wish all of your dreams come true. I’m so fortunate to have twins like you.  Happy Birthday to both of you!!


There are two to wash, two to dry, two who fight, two who cry. There are two to kiss, two to hug, & two to love!  There are two to wish a great birthday!!! I wish this day to be extraordinary filled with happiness & good memories.

Twins Unique Birthday Wishes & Sayings
Twins are always a gift

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Happy birthday to the most beloved twins in the entire world!! You have spread so much happiness, love in our life & made the world an easier and better place to live in. Enjoy your special day with double fun & delight.

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The greatest things in life come in pairs, like both of you. You are the precious gift for mom & dad ever has. We wish you love, care and happy moment in your life ahead.

Twins are the two unique souls united by birth. May you unite throughout whole life and help each other in hard times. Happy Birthday!!

The birth of a baby is always a fabulous gift given by God, but the birth of twin brothers/sister is the double reward. I wish this day makes you both smile & enjoy your life, work hard, you are on the right path & will get success. Best Wishes for Birthday!!

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