July Birth Flower : Larkspur & Water Lily

Last Updated on July 8, 2018

In this post, we are going to post the information regarding birth flower of July Month.

Find out what the July birthday flower symbolize?

Birth Flower of the Month July

According to the US style, the birth flowers of July are   “Water Lily” and “Delphinium”.

Talking about the UK style, “Larkspur” is considered as the birth flower of July.


Water Lily is an ornamental aquatic plant with large round floating leaves & large, naturally cup-shaped floating flowers.

Birthday Flower of July Lily
Water Lily: July Birth Flower

Image Credit: Meredith


Delphinium is a popular garden plant of the buttercup family with tall spikes of blue flowers.

Delphinium: July Birthday Flower

Image Credit: Flower Meaning

Larkspur is a plant of the buttercup family, which bears spikes of spurred flowers. It is closely related to the delphinium flower.

Larkspur: Another July Birth Flower

Image Taken From AliExpress


July Birth Flower Characteristics

Larkspur is the flower that you can find in pink, white and purple colors. Mainly this flower shows the strong attachment of love.

Pink larkspur is the symbol of unpredictability.

White Larkspur implies a carefree and lighthearted nature.

Purple Larkspur stands for first love & lovable character.


The another July birth flower is Waterlily which is the sign of purity and magnificence,


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