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Top Funny Christmas & Jesus Birthday Meme

Last Updated on December 22, 2020

It’s Christmas time and your friend’s birthday too. What has Jesus Christ to say on your dear one’s birthday? Here at 2HappyBirthday, we have added the funniest Christmas birthday meme collection.

Find out the suitable one and wish your dear ones a very happy birthday in an amusing way!!!

Jesus Christ Birthday Meme

What is today? Christmas Eve… No, it’s my birthday today

Today is Christmas Eve… No! It’s My birthday today!

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Go JESUS, It’s your birthday!

Only Got 5 Presents On Christmas….Now You Can Wish Happy Birthday To Jesus Personally…

Only 5 presents this Christmas… Now they can tell Jesus Happy birthday in person

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Want to go out Clubbing…But everywhere is closed on His birthday

I Wanna go out Clubbing, But everywhere is closed on His birthday

Oh, Lord Jesus.Happy Birthday!

Oh, Lord Jesus. Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday Is Too Mainstream For Jesus… He Loves Christmas Music Instead Of Happy Birthday Song…

Happy Birthday is too Mainstream. Jesus Prefers Christmas song on His birthday!

You Are Celebrating Christmas, I Thought It’s My Birthday Celebration.

I thought we were celebrating my birthday, not Christmas

Is it Your Birthday Today?   I Am Jesus and I’ll Be Stealing Your Thunders for Today and All Birthdays


Happy Birthday, Jesus Sorry! You Got Crucified And Stuff


Happy Birthday Wishes By Jesus!

Jesus says “Happy Birthday Amigo”

Merry Christmas Brother….Oh, I Forget, Happy Birthday Too.

Merry Christmas Brother….Oh, I Forget, It’s Your Happy Birthday Too.

What Has Santa To Say Jesus On His Birthday?

Happy Birthday, Jesus. It’s not about me but your birth!

Image Credit: Meme Generator

Wish your loved ones by sending them these comical Christmas birthday memes. How do you find these birthday memes? Let us share your views in the comment box.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas 2020 & Have a pleasant time ahead!

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