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Last Updated on August 21, 2022

Nobody can find out the amount of pain when someone close to our heart, leave us forever. On their birthday, it’s the best occasion to tell how much they matter to us. Let them know what they have done to shape our life in a beautiful way. Here in this post, we have written mesmerizing happy birthday in heaven wishes & images.  In this happy birthday in heaven messages collection, you’ll find Mom, dad, brother, sister, grandpa, grandma and friend’s birthday wishes in heaven.

Wishing Birthday in Heaven Quotes & Saying

Mom today is your birthday and I just went through our memories.  Thanks for blessing me with all the love, inspiration, and thoughtfulness. I miss you more than anything. Happy birthday to the divine soul!

On your birthday, my words are not enough to express that how much I miss you and the amount of the happiness & memorable moments that you gave to my life. You will be always in my prayers & will never die because you’re forever in my remembrance.


Dad, though your absence is painful and heartbreaking for our family, I console myself by knowing that you are now with God & from heaven, you take care of our family and guides me. I love you dad!! Happy birthday in heaven, Dad!

Grandpa/Grandma, I wish I could be with you at least today, the day of your birthday.  I want to Give you a hug and tell you how much I feel affection for you. My heart will always be yours. You’ll always be the best gift of my life!! Love you!!

If you get my birthday wishes, I’ll feel happy, because right now nothing would make me happier than celebrating your birthday with the memories of the best times we had. Happy birthday my friend!!


Heartily Congratulations on your special day! Just remember, Dreams never die, they will always be the part of your life, wherever you are. The sky is your home now, May you soar high in the sky & always be the brightest star in the sky!! Happy Birthday dear!

To you my sister, you are my inspiration & role model; since you went away, I miss you so much. Today, on your birthday I would like to congratulate you and wish you to be in my heart always. Happy birthday in heaven, sister!!

I’ve always admired your trust and spirit & I shall keep your advice, love and calm. Now, you’ve gone to heaven, I remind the beautiful times we have shared.  Happy Birthday my love!!

Happy Birthday in Heaven Instrumental Song

This song is uploaded by CariBee09 over YouTube & the best song to express our  feeling for the souls those have parted ways from our life. Wish them happy birthday by sharing this lovely song:-

Today I pass on good wishes to you on your special day & I wish you were with me to celebrate your birthday. You’ll always hold a respectable place in my heart. Happy birthday in heaven to the kindest soul!


Image Background Credit: Wallpaper Cave

My friend, today I want to wish many happy returns to you with tears of reminiscence. I will never forget your warmth and togetherness in my whole life.  I wish the angels are blessed to celebrate your birthday in Heaven.

They say time is inescapable but my heart never forgets that how incredible and noble you were. Love You!! Best wishes on your birthday!!

Today is a unique day in my life because today is the day you were born and I memorize this day with great affection, even though you are no longer here with me to celebrate. I wish you a brilliant happy birthday in heaven!! Love you!


Image Credit: Full HD Pictures

Today I want to pass on good wishes to you on your birthday. I thank you with all my soul. I know you care for me from heaven & it fills me with calmness and enthusiasm. I love you Grandpa/Grandma. Happy birthday to you!!

My brother/Friend, you are my star, as your birthday is here, but it’s always painful to know that you are no longer with us. I am sure that you are in a better place than this world could give.  Happy birthday to the brightest star in the sky!!

Life has been not so easier for me since you have gone my friend. Today, on your birthday, I want to say that one day we will meet again for sure. Happy birthday in Heaven my friend!! Love you always!!

My Grandma, now you’re an angel, I know you can see and feel how much I miss you. On your birthday, I want to confess that you’ll always be in my heart. Thanks for inspiring me all the time. Happy birthday in Heaven Grandma!!


Image Background Source: Wallpaper Cave

Today is your birthday in the heaven above. I am sending my wishes on the wings of a dove not only for your special day but also for every day. May the angels sing on your birthday in the jolliest way!!

In this ever changing world True and caring friends are always hard to get. I am in tears and pain after not seeing you on your special day. No one could ever take your place in my life dear!! Sending lovely wishes to Heaven on your birthday!!

Even though we remember you everyday but this sorrow seems to batter us even more now that it is your birthday and you are not with us to celebrate this special day of your life!! Love you dear!!


Do you remember the times we used to play during our childhood? You were not only a brother but also a great friend of mine who supported me all the time. I love you forever. Happy birthday wishes to the angel in heaven!!

Today we wish a happy birthday to you my friend who went so far to a better world. I still hear your voice that still resonates in the air; I feel your light shining in the sky. Wherever you are, I am sure you are happy as always. Many happy returns of your birthday!!

Happy Birthday to heaven, dear! Distance has never been an obstacle to congratulate you on this day. I remind all the time you’ve been with me. No one can separate us …nor the distance between heaven and earth because the memories always remain colorful. Best wishes on your birthday!

We pray to God to give us strength to bear the pain of your departure. Today it’s your birthday; I want you to get hugs & kisses. I will follow the right path so that one day i meet you again in heaven. Happy birthday dear!!

Tonight I want to go to Cosmos & dive into the sea of stars to find you & tell you how much I love you and how much I miss you. Thanks for letting me know about the true meaning & virtue of life. Sending love & hugs to the heaven happy birthday Mom/Dad in the heaven!

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