The Tune Weavers-Happy, Happy Birthday Baby Song

Last Updated on August 3, 2016

Hello friends from today onwards, we are going to post all popular birthday songs one by one. This song titled ”Happy, Happy Birthday Baby” is sung by American band The Tune Weavers in 1957 and Margo Sylvia & Gilbert Lopez are the writers of this song.


Happy, Happy Birthday Baby Video & lyrics


Happy, Happy Birthday, Baby…

Although You Are with Somebody New, Thought I’d Drop a Line to Say

That I Wish This Happy Day, Would Find Me beside You


Happy, Happy Birthday, Baby…

No I Can’t Call You My Baby, Seems Like Years Ago We Met

On A Day I Can’t Forget, Because That’s When We Fell In Love


Do You Remember The Names We Had For Each Other?

I Was Your Pretty, You Were My Baby

How Could We Say Goodbye


Hope I Didn’t Spoil Your Birthday, I’m Not Acting Like A Lady

So I’ll Close This Note to You, With Good Luck & Wishes Too

Happy, Happy Birthday, Baby….

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