Fancy Unicorn Birthday Decoration at Home in 2024

Last Updated on March 21, 2024

Indoor and Outdoor Birthday Party Decoration Ideas for Kids and Teenagers

What’s an Exceptionally prompt and smart birthday décor theme in 2023?

If you’re going with a unicorn birthday theme, you cannot be more right.

Rainbows, unicorns, and balloons make a perfect concept for kid’s and girl birthday parties.

Birthdays are probably the most awaited occasion for your kids so make every birthday bash a memorable one. Several teen girls and youngsters enjoy lighting up their rooms with unicorn aesthetics.

Amaze your friends and kids on their birthdays with theme celebrations. Add a pinch of magic with unicorns to the festivity. Decorations happen to be the trickiest part of a unicorn theme birthday party. So, I will help you create DIY rainbow interiors with unicorn theme Ideas for birthday get-togethers.

Read till the end to get bonus Ideas to make your birthday party extra special and memorable.

4 Ways to Create Unicorn Theme Balloon Decoration

  1. Colourful Party Balloons On Ground 


Balloons on the ground top the list for unicorn birthday decors. You can create a photogenic and attractive birthday room just with balloons scattered on the ground.

Prefer to add various shades of pink, blue, and white for contrast and a classy look to the room. You can customise the balloon idea as per room size and your imagination always.


Balloons on the wall are the forever trendy and fanciest background for birthday decors for kids.

  • Rainbow Balloons in Background


Rainbows can make anyone go ‘wow’ all the time. The rainbow background has a unique aesthetic for unicorn birthday decor.

You can easily make this background with the help of balloons and attach it to the wall by using transparent or double-sided tapes. Now, you know a quick yet classy decoration Idea for your kid’s upcoming bash.

  • Create a Mix of Happy Birthday Balloons and Unicorn Theme Balloon


Use ‘Happy Birthday’ balloons with a combination of unicorn balloons for the walls to make it look more attractive. Your children and their buddies will enjoy playing at such an adorable theme party.

This whole blend of all kinds of balloons will create a mini fairyland decor for your little angels. Give them a memory to adore on their birthday anniversaries.

Unicorn Theme Background for Teenagers and Kids

Create DIY Unicorn Decoration for Birthday Parties


DIY party decors are the simplest yet most elegant decor Ideas for kids’ parties. You can create various photo frames, decorate your cake table with balloons and decorative papers. Also, you can decorate the background with curtains and unicorn balloons for an attractive look.

This decoration Idea can be executed in a day or less depending upon your imagination. Read in the end for bonus Ideas for your birthday celebration.

Fairy Lights on the Desserts Table


Fairy lights on the dessert table with cake and balloons give off adorable vibes. Your little girl will get impressed and your guests too. Consider including lighter shades of pink and blue for a kids party.

New Outdoor Unicorn Party Ideas


You can do birthday parties outside as the lockdown has been lifted since the end of 2021.

If you’re planning to decorate the venue on your own, you can go with a unicorn-themed birthday party Idea with eyes closed.

Hang Beautiful Backdrop Rainbow Curtains


Backdrop curtains can be made from colourful decor papers or curtains.

You can use spare curtains including rainbow colours and make a backdrop rainbow for a unicorn themed birthday party.

These backdrop curtains create a cooler corner to click pictures and adds a unique charm in the outdoor birthday party.

Bonus Tips to Impress Birthday Guests

Surprise! If you’re reading till here, I have some extras for you. Read the bonus tips to take your birthday parties on a whole different level.

Create Handmade Birthday Invite Cards


Handwritten cards are the best way to give away to your guests; it shows your genuine efforts as appreciation of their presence. Make an invitation card with the date, time, and venue of the birthday party.

Cute Unicorn Theme Return Gifts


At last, make your guests happy with unicorn theme gifts covered in an adorable cover.

Nowadays, after party gifts are in fashion and loved by guests too. It’s a way to thank them for their visit on your special day.

Some famous unicorn theme gift Ideas can be pens with unicorns on top, unicorn rubbers, a , unicorn papers, unicorn sling bags, and pouches.

You must be wondering, where to find Stores for these return gifts?


Today Instagram and Facebook have 100+ online stores for aesthetic stationery and gift stores for everyone. You can ask them for discounts and deals on large quantities of products.

You can also buy it from amazon and flipkart or even from your nearest shops. Just ask for unicorn-theme birthday decoration products.

Now, you’re all set to rock your birthday celebrations and share it with your loved ones.

Tell me in the comments if you’d like to learn more such Ideas and plans for birthday parties.


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