Funny Birthday Jokes for Kids

Last Updated on July 7, 2016

Here, we have come with some amusing questions & answers and birthday jokes for kids. Hope you’ll find it entertaining .Check out some hilarious birthday questions and answers:–

Birthday Jokes for Fun


Question: What does basketball players do before they blow out their birthday candles?

Answer: They make a swish:P


Question: Which game do rabbits love to play on their birthday party?

Answer: it’s Musical Hares…


 Question: Do you know any famous persons born on your birthday?

Answer: No, they were babies then..




Tom: Hey, I get you a VCP for your birthday

John: What VCP?? Or you mean VCR?

Tom: Nope, It’s VCP…A very cheap present



Question: What do cats love to eat on their birthdays?

Answer: Mice cream


Question: Why did the boy put candles on the toilet?

Answer: Cause he could have a birthday potty!!!


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Question:Tell me the place where you get birthday gifts for cats?

Answer: In a CATalogue, for sure..


Tom:- Dad, Did you go shopping for my birthday gift??

Dad:-Yes, & you know what….I found a wonderful thing.

TomOh!!…what thing DAD??

Dad– Nothing!!




Question: Which song do you like to sing to wish birthday a dancer?

Answer: I’ll sing Tappy Birthday to You!!


Question: Tell me that one thing that goes up & never comes down?

Answer: Our Age


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