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The Residents – Birthday Boy Song

Birthday song is the song by American band The Residents from the album Duck Stab. Have a look to the video below:–

Song– Birthday Boy

Genre– Jazz

Released in– 1978

Album– Duck Stab (Buster & Glen)

Song Writers– Hardy W. Fox and Homer Flynn


Birthday Boy- The Residents Song with Lyrics




Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Birthday Boy, Happy Birthday to You


Bulging Eyes Abound About, the Birthday Boy Today

Screaming, Creaming Eyes, Screamed He

His Mother Looked Away


Creaming Eyes Explode Upon, An Apple Pirate Toad

And If an Injun Ate a Plate, I’d Laugh and Live Abode


Nervousness Itself Was Shifting, Guests against The Door

Forgive Us Dear, But, Uhhh, Baking Beer

It What We Should Be Near


Bye, the Bothered Birthday Boy Said…Bye, the Bothered Birthday Boy Said

Bye or Sell or Bye…..Buy or Sell or Bye


Happy, Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to Me hehe—he, Happy Birthday to Me


The lyrics are taken from Song Lyrics.

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