10 Cool Handmade Birthday Card ideas

Last Updated on July 19, 2021

Birthday is the special day in our life which we want to celebrate in a different manner. To make this special day more special we try to do something which can bring happiness and smile on the face of our loved ones. If you are looking to give a memorable gift, then handmade cards can be a good idea.

Best Handmade Birthday Cards

In this article, we will throw light on how to make cards at home easily.

Before coming to the point it is important to keep in mind that for whom you are going to make a card? Is it for your friend, family member, teacher, boss or any special person who is close to your heart? This will help you to design card accordingly. After that, you should try to find the taste and colour preferences of the person for whom you are making cards. The colour which your loved one does not like will make him/her unhappy even after your too much effort. You should never be in a hurry while making cards but give some time to relax before starting. Here, I am sharing 10 ideas of making birthday card at your home. Let’s start!

1) Sweet Birthday Card for your sibling

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Steps For Making this Birthday Card

1.       Take a hard piece of paper of any colour which you like.

2.       Cut it into a rectangular shape. Fold the sheet in its middle.

3.       Collect some beautiful colourful buttons of any shape.

4.       Take white thin wool and cut into a small length. Twist it to give a texture and paste it on the sheet just like a bunch of flowers.

5.       Paste button on each branch.

6.       Take a thin ribbon and cut it from the middle.

7.       Tie a knot to give a shape of the bow.

8.       Write Happy Birthday in the end to show your love.

2) Happy Birthday Mommy Handmade Card

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Steps For Making this Birthday Card

1.       Take a white piece of cardboard and fold it in middle.

2.       Draw circles on a white paper and cut the circles.

3.       Draw hearts on the circles and cut the shape of the heart.

4.       Paste the circles on the folded cardboard.

5.       Fill the shape of the heart with the different glitter pen.

6.       Show your love by writing Love in the end.

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3) Homemade Birthday Card For Daddy

Image Credit: Good Morning Quote

Steps For Making this Birthday Card

1.       Fold a white hard piece of rectangular paper to give a shape of a card.

2.       Draw moustaches on the remaining paper and paint it in black.

3.       Bring some beautiful bows from the market.

4.       Draw outlines of the card and fill in the colour of your choice.

5.       Write Happy Birthday with some message.

4) Homemade birthday card for someone special

Steps For Making this Birthday Card

  1. Take a brown piece of hard sheet of paper.
  2. Fold it horizontally.
  3. Cut colourful paper into stripe and paste it on the card.
  4. Draw circles on a piece of paper and cut a small arc.
  5. Paste it according to the given design on the colourful stripe.
  6. Bring some beautiful button and paste it in the form of heart.
  7. For the envelope, Draw a circle on white paper and cut it. Write some message on it.
  8. Paste a colourful ribbon on envelope and tie knot.
  9. Paste the circle on the ribbon. Now, your card is ready.

5) Unique DIY Birthday Card for friends

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Steps For Making this Birthday Card

1.       Take a piece of hard paper which is black in colour.

2.       Draw 5 stripes and fill different colour of your choice.

3.       Write HAPPY on white paper and cut it.

4.       Paint the letters and paste according to the picture.

5.       Write Birthday in the end. Enjoy! Your card is ready.

6) Creative Card for your best friend

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Steps For Making this Birthday Card

1. Take the handmade paper in white and pink colour.

2. Take rectangles of different sizes from the papers but make sure that pink rectangle is slightly bigger than the white rectangle.

3. Fold the two rectangles and paste white rectangle on pink.4. Take golden sparkle pen and write quotation according to your wish.

4. Take golden sparkle pen and write quotation according to your wish.

7) Time to say happy birthday boss

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Steps For Making this Birthday Card

  1. Take felt paper of different colours.
  2. Cut four rings out of it.
  3. Draw circles according to your wish and cut them.
  4. Take hard which sheet of paper and fold them to give a shape of the card.
  5. Paste rings and circles on the card.
  6. Write your birthday message.

8) If you are looking for some interesting birthday card then this is for you.

Image Credit: handmade4cards

Steps For Making this Birthday Card

  1. Take a black sheet and fold in the form of a card.
  2. Write Birthday on the piece of paper and cut the letters.
  3. Colour the letters with different glitter pens. Paste on the card. Write your wish.
  4. Take a green paper. Give it so that you can make pop out.
  5. Paste the green paper inside the card.
  6. Write the message on the pop-up.

9) This Could be the right choice

Image Source: trendy mods

Steps For Making this Birthday Card

  1. Take felt paper of different colours and draw some balloon and small triangles. Cut them.
  2. Paste them on the card as shown in the picture.
  3. Use threads to show them as flying balloons.

10) Last but not the least, this birthday card could be the best way to express love for your dear ones.

Image Credit: wmdoza

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Hope you enjoyed making cards with us. We will be writing such posts again for you. Thanks for stopping by!

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