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Happy Birthday Wishes & Quotes in Scottish Gaelic

Scottish Gaelic, also known as Gaelic, is an indigenous language of Scotland and some regions in Canada. It’s better to wish your Scottish friend in Gaelic. That will be far from mainstream English wishes. Find out appropriate happy birthday wishes in Scottish Gaelic:-

How to say Happy Birthday in Scottish Gaelic

Co-là-breith math is the way to wish happy birthday in the Gaelic language. Here we have added some of the basic greetings that are frequently used over Scotland:-


Latha math leat!! – Good day to you !!

Gum beannaicheadh Dia thu! – God bless!

Fuirich beannaichte – Stay Blessed

Mi a ‘guidhe soirbheachadh ann do bheatha air adhart. – I wish you success in your life ahead.

Deagh Dhùrachd airson co-là breith agad.- Best Wishes for a birthday treat.

All as fheàrr airson agaibh san àm ri teachd. – All the best for your future.


Birthday Wishes & Messages in Scottish Gaelic

Mar a tha thu a chomharrachadh do latha, tha mi a ‘comharrachadh àlainn càirdeas sinn a roinn! Happy Birthday, caraid !! Latha math leat!

(As you celebrate the day, I celebrate the beautiful relationship we share! Happy Birthday, friend!! Good day to you!)


Mo charaid, Just dìochuimhnich na làithean a dh’fhalbh agus a ‘coimhead air adhart ris an àm ri teachd airson na rudan as fheàrr a tha fhathast ri thighinn ann do bheatha. Co-là-breith math !

(My friend, just forget the past & look forward to the future for the best things are coming in your life. Happy birthday!)


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Mi nach leig thu tuiteam, seasaidh mise suas maille ribh gu bràth, bithidh mise sin dhuibh an-còmhnaidh. Happy Birthday mo ghaoil !!

(I will not let you fall, I will stand up with you forever, I will be there for you always. Happy Birthday my love!!)

Air an turas seo, tha mi a ‘guidhe fallain agus soirbheachail beatha ahead.May do bheatha air a lìonadh le sòlas agus Jolly amannan !!

(On this occasion, I wish you a healthy and successful life ahead. May life filled with happiness and joyful times !!)

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